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OwlTech Designs Payment Plans

OwlTech Designs is committed keeping our prices affordable while offering top quality services and world class customer service.


We are proud to offer our clients personalized payment plans that do not rely on credit. However, OwlTech Designs requires a deposit before any services are rendered or beginning any design work; the deposit amount is determined by the service for which you are seeking to retained OwlTech Designs. 

The need for a payment plan is determine by the service and each protentional client's situation. Payment Plan instalments are billed on a monthly basis and will be detailed in the Payment Plan Contract if your application is approved. Any client with a Payment Plan that has entered into a delinquent status is subject to late fees and/or collective action.

OwlTech Designs reserves the right to refuse a Payment Plan to any potential client.

OTD Payment Plan Application

If you would like to apply for a Payment Plan please complete the application below and OwlTech Designs will review your request. All Payment Plan applications will be reviewed within seven (7) business days.

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