Behind OwlTech

Amalia Toy-Henson & husband William

"I come from a small town, everybody knows everybody. I see small family-owned businesses paying money they don't have to promote their business and get it out there on the Internet. My goal with starting Owl Tech was to create a company designed to help the little guy, the mom & pop shops, and generations of family-owned still is. I want to take away the hassle and stress of it all...keep it simple, easy, professional, and most of all affordable."

    Amalia was encouraged by her High school teachers, who were amazed at her ability to learn the art of website design and technical support. After great thought and planning, Amalia launched the start of her project. Thus, Owl Tech was born out of a high school classroom in early 2011.


    Mostly self-taught from "over-the-shoulder" watching her older brother John program robots and write gaming programs, Amalia turned to books and online classes to learn more. Feeling confident and ready, Amalia took the idea to her computer teacher who lined up her very first client...And it took off like wildfire in her small town community. Amalia has since designed many websites for local businesses in her community, as well as doing website maintenance and technical computer support.


   Owl Tech offers many services related to getting your business "out there on the web," including photography for your website, custom logos, and business card designs.


    Having started small, with only 5 clients, Amalia likes to "keep it real and keep it affordable."